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Welcome to demonsfic! We are a fanfiction community for the new ITV show, Demons, starring Christian Cooke and Philip Glenister. It is moderated by otempora42 and oxymoronic. Membership is open and welcome.

the rules

- Please use the correct labels for your fanfiction. A guideline can be found here.
- Please use the correct tags; the rules can also be found at the above link. If you're panicking, simply select 'unable to tag' and we'll do it for you, rather than leaving it blank.
- Absolutely no flaming. Comments or entries we notice to be flames will be deleted and you can even be banned from the community. Concrit or praise, however, is greatly encouraged.
- The same goes for warnings; spoilers must be clearly labelled with a spoilers note, preferably bolded for the appropriate episode. We will emergency delete an entry that doesn’t mark it, but don’t stress, just fix it and we'll allow it.
- This is a non RPF (real person fic) community.
- This is a strictly fanfiction community, which means no beta requests, fic searches or requests.
- Post all entries under an LJ cut.


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Demons at proboards.

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